Variable data label printing

We frequently face the demand that each product should be supplied with different labels with varying information, or even an unique label for each product is ordered. This most often happens when a company refers to its other products on one product with the use of a QR code, or if on promotional campaign product different codes are to be printed on each product. We offer several options to print varying information on different labels. It can be executed on digital printing press, that is, on each label there is a different graphic, text, code or even a serial number. A template can also be used if the requirement is that different information is to be printed on certain batches of labels, e.g. information should alter after every 25 pieces. It is also possible to print a serial number with pre-programmed content. Based upon requirements from the customer we are happy to make recommendations for the execution. We can also undertake the printing of variable information on self-adhesive labels and foil labels.


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